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Facing trouble with your iPod or unable to fix an issue that you are facing with your iPod?Don’t panic, here is iPod Tech Support with fixes for your iPod issues. 

Are your iPod facing issue while syncing? Are you seeing random numbers that you won’t understand from your iTunes?  

At iPod Tech Support, we are providing fixes for some commonly happening iPod sync issues. Hopefully, you get a solution for your particular issue. 


  • First of all, backup your data before you will try anything. As prevention is always better than cure. And for taking a backup, Right-click your device in iTunes when connect and choose “Back Up ” option.  
  • If you are new iPod user then quickly visit this basic user guide, so that you are familiar how it is supposed to sync /working. 
  • Now, try to restore and update that connects your iPod to iTunes and then select ” Check for update ”  to have the latest version of the software in your iPod.As sometimes updating is what your iPod need to perform in an organized manner. 
  • Always beware of applications that interfere in the working of iTunes by Changing Computer appearances. And in case if you have any try uninstall them and you may find the solution of your problem. 
  • Enabling Disc use might also help if you have seen any of the listed errors:
                          Unknown iPod Error (-50) 
                           An unknown error occurred (-50) 
                          The iPod cannot be synced.The required disk cannot be found. 
  • Such errors occur a lot under Windows XP and are often fixed by enabling disk use on your iPod. 
  • For this, you need to click “enable disc use” then “apply” quickly.After that, you need to do something to make XP recognize the drive ASAP. The fastest way is to have Device Manager open and ready, then click “Scan For Hardware Changes” or “Add New Hardware”. 
  • You may be able to do syncing properly by deselecting various sync checkboxes example: Voice Memo or Music Sync. 
  • One of the alternate solutions is to try syncing with a New Admin Account on your iPod. Then, attempt to sync your iPod with this new library. This will at least eliminate chances of hardware conflicts and iPod failure. 
  • Run Disc Utility/Repair Disc/Error Checking – There might be a chance that your iPod needs repairing of a disc.Ensure that your iPod is set to “enable disc use” but not to start iTunes when plugged in, then shut iTunes and eject your iPod.When you try to reconnect, run Disc Utility/Repair Disc on the iPod.Then try syncing in iTunes-for this you might have to run Repair Disc again. 
  • At last but not least Verify your Mobile settings.And to verify your MobileMe settings, check that your Internet connection is working then connect for a sync.If it’s not syncing check that the MobileMe contacts and calendar data is correct.Also, check your MobileMe email as that will let you know if your password is correctly entered or not.Finally, click on “fetch new data” and be ensured that push is turned On.   


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