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Outlook is used by the people mostly working in organizations but nowadays they are facing some problem with their Outlook. This post contains some amazing solution. 


Though it is a leading and one of the best, outlook also gives some errors while using it. That is how it has become one, of the leading giants, by resolving their errors from time to time. Thus, here we are going to discuss some of such commonly found errors and their some solutions. 

As we all know, Outlook is an email service which is heavily used by almost all users in the world. But it also throws some errors and hazels while using. Some of those common errors are… 

  1. No Connection could be made.
  2. Server not found.
  3. Error 0x800ccc0f for sending receiving report error.
  4. Sign in again..!
  5. Waiting for the response from server takes time.  
  6. And some times, errors come without explanation, like, error code 0x8007000c, error code 0x800C013b, and error code 0x800ccc15 etc.

Now, let us see some the common method also, to find a solution for such errors. Most commonly these errors come due to some technical glitches from the users’ side but not so commonly, thus these methods include… 

  1. Check the internet connection 

Now, this might seem little odd but though you have your internet connected properly, sometimes, transfer of data packet is not there.  

If you want further assistance on it, contact Outlook Customer Service 

  1. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is another common method to get rid of such error and surprisingly most of the time successful also. Troubleshooting checks the whole emailing system internally regarding the problem and fixes the problem on its own, the user just needs to do some clicks and it is done. 

  1. Scanning

We have email scanning software and anti-viruses out in the market which we think can help us with this but at the same time, it causes other problems of sending and receiving the emails, deletion, and some other basic operations. 

  1. Account Settings

Account email address, account type, username and passwords, email port numbers, authentication issues, etc also causes the errors mentioned above. Thus, keeping account settings updated and authenticated helps to avoid above errors. 

  1. Repairing outlook

There is the third party and in built tools for the email account of the outlook that can help us repair the account and get us out of the problem. Such on a tool is MAPI repair tool, to get it done with, run MAPI Repair Tool (Fixmapi.exe file) that will be available under C:\Winnt\System32. And this might help with errors in sending and receiving of the emails in outlook. 


So, this was about some of the common errors and some common methods to find their solution. If you want to know more about it, simply visit https://outlooktechsupport.org/outlooks-errors-and-solutions/