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Top Issues and Fixes of Lenovo Phones

People using Lenovo phones are facing many issues with their phone nowadays. They can go through this post for the solutions.  


Lenovo is a Chinese company which manufactures the phones having the Android operating system from Google. Now it is planning to release the phone having Windows 8 operating system. Lenovo operates his business in more than 63 countries and sells its product in around 150 countries. Lenovo was the largest seller of smartphones in China in 2014. It has also acquired the Motorola Mobility which was the mobile handset maker.  

But today, people’s using Lenovo Smartphones are having issues in their phone and requires assistance.  In this article, I have mentioned some common issues and their fixes.  


  1. Wi-Fi consuming more battery?

Fix: Go to your settings and in settings, go to Location and tap on the three dots which will simply turn off the WLAN and Bluetooth Scanning.  

  1. Having Issue in changing your Wallpaper? 

Fix:  First, enable the theme center. Then go to settings and search for theme center and enable it.  

  1. Want bigger caller image

Fix: Tap on the 3 dots and go to the dialer and in call settings, choose Full-screen caller photo.  

  1. Issue of Battery Draining

Fix: For solving the issue of Battery Draining, simply do these things- 

  • Clear the cache of your smartphones using the Clean Master app. Only use that feature which cleans the cache and disable all the other features like lock screen, charging etc.  
  • Also restart your phone once in a day.
  • Keep your WLAN and Bluetooth Scanningoff.  
  • Charge your phone immediately when your battery drops to 20% and stop charging at 90% or 100%. 

If your phone battery is still not running up to that level, then contact your Lenovo Customer Service 


  1. Having an issue with your network on both sims for Jio users? 

Fix: For solving this problem, disable Volte and use the Jio4G voice app for calling.  


  1. Phone taking too long to charge

Fix: To fix this issue, use your data cable to charge your phone. The charging speed may increase on doing this.   

  1. How to enable HD calling notification?

Fix: In setting mode, enable the LTE calling and your all settings will be saved.  


If there are some other issues for which people are looking for the solution can go to the website for getting assistance https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-mobile-customer-service/